3-Piece Wooden Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set

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3-Piece Wooden Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set


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COMPLETE THREE-PIECE SET. This wooden kitchen cooking utensils set is handmade and includes our three easiest sellers: a thin exotic wood sauté spatula, a broad-bladed scraping tool for kitchen cookware, and our hottest size of butter and cheese spreader knife.

VERSATILE AND SAFE ON COOKWARE. The simple, minimalist design of every one of our pieces makes them versatile for all kinds of cooking applications. Their wooden construction also ensures they’re protected with nonstick pots and pans and strong enough for cast iron cookware.

HANDCRAFTED IN THE USA WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our handcrafted wooden cooking mixing utensils are made here in Montana, USA, and are covered by a lifetime warranty. That’s how strongly we stand by their quality. Washing by hand is a beneficial product of care.

BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL DESIGNS. Our woods: jatoba, Mexican ebony, maple, and bloodwood lend a unique and elegant aesthetic to your kitchen. Our wooden kitchen cooking utensils sets are ideal as both a serving and display on your kitchen.

WE GIVE BACK. At Earlywood, we use only ethically sourced, all-natural materials, and FOR EVERY ORDER YOU PLACE, we donate $1 to plant trees within the Brazillian Rainforest.